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Help, I’ve lost the will to pray!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing great! 

This is just a quick blog post to share a few things I’m learning from Oswald Chambers about prayer.

I use the Oswald Chamber’s Devotional on Prayer on the YouVersion bible app on my phone. I also am subscribed to the email devotional called My Utmost for His Highest. The devotional is absolutely free, and you can receive it daily in your inbox.

Special shoutout to a special friend Rima, who shared a devotional that she had received from a mutual friend Ryan! How cool is it that I have friends who share devotionals with each other! I seriously love the people God has placed in my life ❤ ❤ ❤


Water makes me think about the consuming power of the Holy Spirit!

Here is something I read a few days ago:

Prayer is not an emotion, not a sincere desire; prayer is the most stupendous effort of the will. “Let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which will pass all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” The power of the peace of God will enable you to steer your course in the mix-up of ordinary life.

Get into the habit of saying, “Speak, Lord,” and life will become a romance. Every time circumstances press, say, “Speak, Lord,” and make time to listen. Chastening is more than a means of discipline, it is meant to get me to the place of saying, “Speak, Lord.”

Reflection Questions: How long has it been since I’ve had peace about what God is doing in my life? Why? Am I allowing God to do what He wants to in my life?

I really like this devotional because it made me think about will power. A lot of the time, our bodies don’t want to do things, but we force ourselves into doing them.

We need to have the will to pray. We need to want to pray. We need to want to please God.

When you don’t want to pray, ask the Lord to help you. Be honest with Him and let Him know that you don’t feel like praying. But you need to acknowledge your lack. The only way to combat a lack of desire to pray is to actually pray. People may prefer various solutions, but prayer is a both a means in and of itself.

Take a moment when you’re at a crossroads to ask the Lord for what He wants us to do. Ask the Lord to direct you. A relationship with God depends very heavily on willpower. The Lord says that He stands at the door and knocks, and He only comes in when we allow Him and receive Him into our lives.

When the Lord appeared to Saul on the way to Damascus, Saul (later Paul) still had to decide to follow Jesus. We may say it was a miracle too great to disbelieve, but even when Jesus walked on water, raised the dead, and healed the sick, there still were people who refused to believe.

True, satan has built strongholds that attack our faith. But decide today that you will pass the test, and only then can you honestly pray for God to lead you. Don’t be a victim of fake faith like Judas. Tomorrow may be too late. Decide today that you will believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Do that and leave the rest to Him

Have a lovely lovely week ahead, and may the grace of God keep you!

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at


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  2. Thank you so much. I have been thinking about how lazy, I am getting in my prayers, and this post just sent me a buckle up message. I also use the you version app, but I switch up my devotionals monthly and according to the season.


  3. Truly got me to thinking about how to be more open to God in those times where I feel like I’m to tired to pray but force my way through. I now see I need to rely on a little help even more when I feel that way.

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    • Thank you for reading, and I so agree with you! I also am trying to learn to force my way through when I don’t feel like praying. God will help us all. Amen.

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