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Don’t calculate without God.

Another day, another devotional! This is another great one from My Utmost. As usual, my opinions are in italics.

Don’t calculate without God.

God seems to have a delightful way of upsetting the things we have calculated on without taking Him into account. We get into circumstances which were not chosen by God, and suddenly we find we have been calculating without God; He has not entered in as a living factor. The one thing that keeps us from the possibility of worrying is bringing God in as the greatest factor in all our calculations.

This is particularly tough for me- because how exactly do I make sure that I’m calculating with God? What if I’m praying every morning and I go about my day making all my decisions and plans without another thought and prayer? Conversely, it’s a blessing to have your plans upset by God, because it means that He cares enough to steer us back in the right direction. Have you ever thought about it that way?


It’s a blessing when God upsets your plans. Let HIM!

In our religion it is customary to put God first, but we are apt to think it is an impertinence to put Him first in the practical issues of our lives. If we imagine we have to put on our Sunday moods before we come near to God, we will never come near Him. We must come as we are.

Come as you are, but be honest and open. Be accepting of Him coming in and changing the entire course of something you’ve planned for a long time. I once was listening to a Heather Lindsey, and she said that she sometimes asked God how she needed to wear her hair. One day, she had done the hairstyle which God asked her to do, and when she went to work, a co-worker complimented her, and she had the chance to witness to the woman. God uses every little detail of your life for His glory! Even your hairstyle and your outfit.


Girl, you look sweet! Gimme your digits real quick!

Don’t calculate with the evil in view.

Does God really mean us to take no account of the evil? “Love…taketh no account of the evil” (rv). Love is not ignorant of the existence of the evil, but it does not take it in as a calculating factor. Apart from God, we do reckon with evil; we calculate with it in view and work all our reasonings from that standpoint.

What does it even mean to not take account of evil? Does God mean that we do not take into consideration the fact that our plans can go awry? See, there’s the catch. Our plans can go awry, but God’s never go wrong. He is unstoppable, and so are His plans. The trick is to always, always stay in His will, and nothing will stand in your way.

Falling kid

May you not be this child, who’s unable to stand against a simple flower :p


Don’t calculate with the rainy day in view.

You cannot lay up for a rainy day if you are trusting Jesus Christ. Jesus said — “Let not your heart be troubled.” God will not keep your heart from being troubled. It is a command — “Let not.…” Haul yourself up a hundred and one times a day in order to do it, until you get into the habit of putting God first and calculating with Him in view.

Now, this is where I need some help. Does this mean that we shouldn’t plan for dry seasons? But the bible tells us to be like the ants, which gather in summer and live in abundance in winter. (Proverbs 6:6) Some preachers say that having a fat savings account is not trusting that God will provide. Others say that it’s wisdom, and some say that we shouldn’t wait for God to do every single thing for us, when He’s given us the wisdom already.


Rain is calming, but don’t let it intimidate you. Please forgive the corny advice. lol.

Friends, what do you think? Please let me know.

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. You have got interesting posts to read. Keep the good work going.
    And don’t forget to check my posts too, especially the Miracle Challenge dated 5th July. 🙂
    Happy blogging 😀
    Have a good day !
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  2. Since you asked…there is nothing wrong with preparing for the future, buying your home, paying it off, having enough in the bank for a rainy day, and saving for retirement….having wealth is not a sin…it is how you use that wealth and how you stand in your relationship with God that matters. It is not the money that is evil…the verse is that it is “love of money that is the root of all evil” as long as you don’t put your financial wealth before your relationship with God there is nothing wrong with it. I am looking for a new place of worship because although I have been there for 15 years and really love the people. However, the focus since there was a big building built to add to the church has not swayed from being all about the building…how can we support it, how can we get people in the door….that is a huge case of not trusting God. Churches are supposed to love people and share the word of the Lord with them and engage in having the Holy Spirit change people’s hearts so that the new converts may also learn to be disciples for God. If my present place of worship would do this, then people would come and the building would support itself. People come where they are loved and valued…God doesn’t actually need us to “bring people into the building”. If a church is his then he will make it prosper to the amount of prosperity that fits in his plan for that area. If you look in the Old Testament there were plenty of people whom God prospered and made wealthy in order for them to accomplish what he wished for them to accomplish. Their focus was on him, that is what is important. That way you can be in tune with him and his plans. This was a really good devotional that you posted. I enjoyed it.


    • Wow, thank you for your insight, especially with the church example. I perfectly understand and agree that wealth is not sinful, coming from someone like me who wants to be stupendously wealthy. Haha. As per your church, it’s really interesting when we begin to act as if we can use the marketing strategies and plans of the world for kingdom business. We often forget that it’s God who builds anything, especially His church, so at the end, His plan will come through, and we really should only be acting when He commands us to. Interestingly, when we get too much in the way of God, He backs out because He does not share His glory with anyone, which is why God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Thank you for this reminder. 🙂

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      • Yeah, it is actually a heartbreaking reminder. I have been trying out new places of worship, and after trying three others, I may have found a place where I can worship and also have something to contribute. If you have the time, please pray about this with me. I have been struggling with leaving my current church for several years now, but the Holy Spirit has not given me the go ahead until now. It is still hard to do, but I feel the pull to be elsewhere.


        • You’re definitely in my prayers from now on. I can only imagine how difficult this process is for you- finding a new home after 15 years at the same place. But God is faithful, and He’ll take you to another level of grace and ministry that you never imagined. Amen?

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